In 1982, when "S IS FOR SPACE" was released, very few "real punks" would be caught wearing a KIZZ t-shirt (expept maybe Redd Kross), or freely admit they had Black Sabbath records in par their homes. Everyone was palying at neck breaking speed with politically correct lyrics. What WHITE FLAG did was to put the fun back into punk rock, and bring it back to what is was supposed to be about NO RULES !!! I still listen alot to these albums, "Third Strike" might be the better one musically, but "IS IS FOR \par SPACE" is such a crazy record. It`s definitly on of my all time favorites. CHIPS KIESBYE-part time collector of great punk rock, and full time member of SATOR. May 1994 ( Liner-notes from the "Step Back 10" booklet)


WHITE FLAG was formed in a small town of Sunnymead, CA in 1982. The band was created as a reation to the complacency and status que that had settled into the original Los Angeles punk rock scene. In 1982 the original "No Rule"ethic had become a hardcore clearly regimented set of can and can not`s, and the members of WHITE FLAG simply were not going to let that happen uncontested. Originally a five piece, fronted by the legendary " Al Bum", "the most obnoxius and untalent person w know" according to Doug Graves. the former frontman`s main \par attributes was his disturbingly similar apperance to one Ozzy Osbourne, then the antithisis of what "punk" stod for. Clad in tredemark fringed " Ozzy" outfits, with waist lenght hair and crosses galore. The band proceeded to con- found both rock and punk audiences with complete genre crossover confusion. The result was as Pat Fear puts it, \par "the real process of weeding out". Several albums later the band developed a large following, including members of other groups in the L.A. area. \par Members of Bangles,Social Distortion,Bad Religion,Redd Kross,Germs and Adolecents to name a few, made guest appearances on their 1984 LP "Third Strike",which sold more than 30 000 copies. The cover of which \par poked fun at the growing political lines being drawn between the left and right wing factions of the punk scene.As the bassist Jello B. Afro puts it, "We were in the middle", laughing at how pathic and hypocritical both sides were. As a good example, those on the left actually believed we were facist, racist and "Im an African American" ! The subsequent tour and\~ 3 sides LP " Feeding Frenzy" proved to be Al Bum`s last stand with the band. The group went on to recprd their most popular LP "Wild Kingdom" with original drummer Pick Z. Stix on guitar and vocals. The song " Face Down" from this LP has proved to be one of the bands popular song. Covered by many groups, including the swedish band SATOR. As the year passed, numerous friends and fans have drifted in and out of the band, including members of the Muffs and Redd Kross. Pat has been writing with former GO GO`S, Charlotte Caffey, as well as Ken Stringfellow of the Posies. Pat also played on the Melvins "Houdini" LP. The band returned to Sweden in august 1994 for their first European shows since the succesful 1986 tour. A \par split CD with swedish band Sator was out due the same time in 1994. Indiependent Swedish label JUST 4 FUN released the CD entitled "Step Back 10", compiling the bands enigmatic first LP "S IS FOR SPACE" and the "Third Strike" along with studio tracks from "Feeding Frency" LP. Spain`s indie king Munster Records released a "Best Of" LP/CD, entitled "Thru The Thrash Darkly". Showcasing the band numerous styles and members and including several unreleased tracks. The band did a bigger tour in Spain in september 1997. When not concentrating of WHITE FLAG bassist Doug Graves is a coach for the U.S. speed skating team, \par Pat Fear runs the bands label Gasatanka Records.The label released numerous LP`s and 7" `s, including artist such as Shonen Knife,Redd Kross,Sonich Youth,L7,Hole and the notorious punk super group Tater Totz, among the roster.The first LP by LA`s original punks the Zeros and second Lp by Japan`s`s. Ken from The Posies is now a full time member of the band. The new Lp is co-produced by Chips Kiesbye from Sator. Pat are also a full time member of the great country/pop/punk/rock band CHARIOT.







PAT FEAR - guitar, vocals

TRACE ELEMENT - drums, vocals

VIV VACUUM - guitar, vocals

KIM CRIMSON - bass, vocals


WHITE FLAG, Los Angeles' legendary punk pop rock band, embarks on their first full tour of Europe in 16 years, beginning on November 26, 2002. The tour marks the 20th anniversary of the multi faceted and always entertaining group of musicians who make up the enigmatic WHITE FLAG. \line With a somewhat fluid line up of, as guitarist Pat Fear puts it "ten or eleve n of my best friends, many of which I have known since I was six years old," the foursome that is heading out on tour this time is the reportedly the most powerful live lineup in the group's history. \par In support of their recently released CD "Eternally Undo ne," on Germany's well respected eMpTy Records, the band is playing its first dates in Iceland on November 26 and 27, launching the first leg of the tour that will feature stops in England, United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Finla nd, Sweden, Denmark, and their first ever performances in the Faroe Islands. The CD is the first full album of original new material since 1987's "Wild Kingdom" and is the groups 23rd full length release. Special guests on the new CD include former Nirvana/ Foo Fighters/Germs guitarist Pat Smear, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson, Tim Armstrong from Rancid , Kim Shattuck of The Muffs (a long time member of White Flag's extended family...), all four members of Sweden's Sator, and the horn section from The Voo Doo Glow Skulls. Founding member Pat Fear is also quite active with other musical projects aside from White Flag. While writing the majority of the band's original material, Fear also keeps himself busy by writing songs for and with well known pop and punk art ists such as: NOFX, Sean Lennon, Belinda Carlisle's The Go-Go's, Redd Kross, The Bangles, Shonen Knife, and garage legends The Shaggs, as well as Sweden's legendary bands Sator and The Nomads. Having single-handedly spread the word about Brazil's now worl d renowned band Os Mutantes since he was a child (via cassette tapes of their debut LP that a foreign exchange student gave him in 1967), Fear was ultimately responsible for Os Mutantes first three albums being issued in the United States for the first ti m e, (receiving four star reviews in Rolling Stone), as well as for introducing such artists as Kurt Cobain and Beck to the band's psychedelic genius. Beck's CD "Mutations" is even a direct homage and name check to the band's surreal pastoral musical landsc apes. In an odds defying triumph for Pat, Os Mutantes' resident svengali and known recluse Arnaldo Baptista co-wrote the track "R.U. Receiving Me?" on White Flag's 2002 CD "Eternally Undone" Pat Fear's omnipresence on the Los Angeles, California punk scene eventually even inspired songs to be written about him, including "Screaming Skull," by long time White Flag supporters Sonic Youth. Pat also appears in Sonic Youth's video for their song "Cinderella's Big Score," and filmed some of the footage for their video "The Diamond Sea." Pat Fear's ultra hyper stage presence, and classic pop punk songwriting are the foundation of the group's sound and relentlessly energetic lives performances. His other musical endeavors have included discovering and issuing the f irst three albums by Japan's Shonen Knife (on White Flag's own label Gasatanka Records), producing records by The Muffs, Redd Kross and The Holez ( the moniker for Hole when featuring Pat Smear on guitar and Courtney Love on bass), playing bass and lead g u itar on The Melvins' LP "Houdini" (produced by Kurt Cobain), and forming the irreverent band Tater Totz, which also features Nirvana/Foo Fighters/Germs guitarist Pat Smear, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Redd Kross's Jeff and Steve McDonald, and Cherie Cu rrie of the groundbreaking all female rock band The Runaways. \line In 1998 Pat joined forces with Posies guitarist/vocalist (and White Flag member) Ken Stringfellow to form Chariot, which toured Europe in 1998 and 1999, in support of their CD "I Am Ben Hur." Ba ssist Kim Crimson, (well known throughout the music world under his real name of Ken Stringfellow), is also the founding member of Seattle's much revered pop masters The Posies. A much sought after studio musician, Kim/Ken is also bassist, guitarist and k e yboardist for R.E.M. on studio recordings, and in their live touring lineup, as well as vocalist and bassist for Alex Chilton's critically acclaimed legendary group Big Star. Kim also joined Pat in their roots rock garage band Chariot. In an odd twist, Po sies guitarist Jon Auer took Kim/Ken's place on the well received Scandinavian portion of the Chariot tour in winter of 1999, due to Kim's R.E.M. obligations. A gifted singer, producer and songwriter, Kim Crimson has worked with the likes of such varied mus icians as Billy Idol, Burt Bacharach, and Elton John, as well as being a member of pop punk band Lagwagon. He has written songs for Sweden's The Nomads, Sator, among others, including, of course, White Flag. He has performed with The Posies on the soundtr acks for the films "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," and "Less Than Zero." Kim Crimson has toured the world both as a musician and a producer, and is gearing up for recording again with R.E.M. in early 2003, after the second leg of White Flag's worl d tour. He has also had the rare honor of singing the traditional National Anthem (with Posies cofounder and some time White Flag member Jon Auer) in massive stadiums, prior to baseball games by Seattle's home team, The Mariners. \line Kim will also be performing a solo acoustic set at selected White Flag shows on the tour. Viv Vacuum is the most enigmatic recent addition to White Flag's pool of friends and musicians that make up the group. Though he is a veteran of numerous platinum selling CD's and world tours with another group, this will be his first tour as a member of White Flag. \par Bearing a striking and somewhat mysterious resemblance to Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson (who co-wrote and plays guitar on several track on White Flags' recent "Eternally Undone" C D!), Viv is playfully evasive when asked about his musical background, stating only that he is of Swedish descent, practices Buddhism, and is performing "in a band where I am not the only male" for the first time in 12 years. Viv's rarely heard lead guitar prowess will be quite evident on this tour, and he has recently recorded his first lead vocal performance for White Flag's up coming tour CD. A somewhat flamenco flavored cover of Joy Division's "Warsaw," Viv is characteristically elusive when queried ab out whether he will perform the song live, commenting only that "it could happen, maybe in the Faroe Islands when everyone has gone home already." Email to the band's website is already filling the incoming mail box with requests for the song to be performed live, even though it will not be available on CD until the tour begins. Speculations on Viv's true identity have ranged from his being the bastard offspring of blues guitarist Edgar Winter and Mamma's & Papa's vocalist Michelle Philips, to being the muc h overshadowed younger brother of Germany's famous guitarists Michael and Rudolf Shenker. In person up close appraisal is perhaps the only way to make any educated speculation on his true identity. Drummer Jim Tilgiant is a profound asset to White Flag's sound both live and in the recording studio. A multitalented musician, Jim sings, plays guitar and sitar in addition to drums, and has a unique ability to create intricate horn and orchestral arrangements in his head. A former member of such bands as Green Jelly and The Muffs (whose Kim Shattuck and Ronnie Barnette are long time members of the White Flag family), Jim is also the drummer for The Dave Davies group. Backing the solo work of the world famous Kinks' lead guitarist both live and on Dave Davies f orthcoming new CD, Jim states with authority "No matter what Jimmy Page says, Dave played the guitar solo on 'You Really Got Me." \par Having played every state in the U.S. (including remote Alaska and Hawaii), as well as Europe and Japan, White Flag has released 23 full length LP's or CD's in their two decades of existence, in countries including: Japan, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, England , Australia, and the release they are most proud of, their e.p. entitled "Freedom Fighters", which was released in 1986 in the then still segregated South Africa. The label that issued the record did so under politically dangerous circumstances, as they we re staunchly anti-Apartheid, and all proceeds from the sale of the record were donated to peaceful political activist groups to change the racist regime on that country. To this date White Flag is the only "indie" band to release a record in South Africa. A 20 year retrospective vinyl only LP "T Is For 20" has just been released on Germany's Soundflat Records, through prominent Ox Fanzine, and a companion CD, (featuring many different and rare tracks as well videos), "Now Wait for Last Year," is forthcoming on the band's German label, eMpTy records. Somewhat more unusual, a special tour CD featuring songs the band will be performing from their set list (culled from fan email requests and some new surprises)! on this tour, some rarities, and several songs reco rds specifically for this CD (including a cover of "This is My Life" by Denmark's Gasoline), is being released on the TUTL Label. Based in the somewhat remote Faroe Islands. White Flag is the first punk pop band from the United States to be released throu gh the label. The release will include rare video clips of early and more recent live performances of the band, as well as a conceptual video for the recent single "On the Way Down", from which the tour CD takes its name.\line The band is taking a break over the New Year's Holiday, and plans to begin the second leg of what is to be a year long world tour of the world in January of 2003. Those dates are yet to be confirmed, but will include Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Germany, among other stops. As is tradition w ith White Flag, fans who are interested are encouraged to arrive at gigs and request to perform songs they know with the band live on stage. Interview, photos, tour updates, videos and music may be found on the band's website, located at: http://www.chaser.net/whiteflag/ and music requests may be made through the band's management email at: whiteflagmail@aol.com